Insert nature footage and trench coat here

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So I have this bad habit of looking up a song online and then getting sucked in by the music video. I’ve come to realize that videos nowadays are all about who can wear the least amount of clothing, sing as little as possible, and still be called an artist. I’m more interested in the 80s videos when directors seemed to compete over who could make the most nonsensical movie while spending the least amount of money possible.  That was back when lead singers were encouraged to don trench coats and all they had to do was look brooding instead of learning all kinds of choreography. Those were the days. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Because the library’s always a good place to pick up girls…

Tears for Fears: I love this video because it’s so incredibly 80s. There are all kinds of androgynous looking people and the stereotypical socially awkward lead singer pursuing an equally awkward woman with oversized specs. Although, I’d be looking around uncomfortably, too, if I was a librarian and some random guy started singing to me at the check-out desk. And, like the typical 80s music video director, whoever filmed this movie inserted a bunch of things that don’t belong in a library at all–like gas masks, a chimp, and Ghostbuster-esk/anti-gravity special effects. I mean, why not?

2. Nature+animation=something deep

Talk Talk: This is a great song, but I have no idea what the music video means. For some reason it seems like every 80s director thought a trench coat would make the lead singers look edgy. I think it just makes this guy look like a creep. Especially since he’s just standing around an empty zoo by himself, glaring and generally looking moody. I think what really happened was their budget ran out and by inserting nature shots they felt like somehow the video would have more meaning.

3. So that’s where I left my May Pole!

Men Without Hats: I’m really not sure what’s going on here. Fun song, but frolicking through meadows does not a good music video make. And I’ve danced around a May Pole before (when I was 5, ok? Apparently it’s a partially repressed memory, because I can’t remember why I was dancing around it) and they aren’t as exciting as this video makes them out to be. It’s a pole. With ribbon attached to it. Enough said.


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